About us

From Riders for riders

When you where carrying on with active equestrianism for decades, you know what riders really value. Quality and the associated longevity are top of the list for most. When Espe-Sports first started to take shape in the minds of Tanja Baumgärtner in 2007, affordability and, above all, trendy, were added to the list of values.

And so Espe-Sports was born, and set about becoming the young, trendy brand on the equestrian scene.

Our debut collection attracted lots of attention at the Spoga Horse in Cologne.

  • young
  • trendy
  • high high valueable quality
  • price wise attractive
  • unique extraordinary

Every product from Espe-Sports is accurately designed, manufactured was proofed hardest to guarantee the Espe-Sports standards of quality. The close contact from the Espe-Sports foundress and her design Team to active equestrians helps in the process to develop the items consequently further again and again to meet the growing demand of the Espe-Sports customers.

Über uns
Über uns